The Random Apple Company

The Random Apple Company

We hate to see home grown apples go to waste, so we decided to do something about it. Based at our HQ in Macclesfield, we started turning them into a delicious healthy blend with a taste that can vary from bottle to bottle.

I guess that makes us unique!

Homegrown not mass produced - so no pesticides, chemicals or nasties, no added sugar or water . . . no concentrate here!

Just pure delicious local apples.

We want your apples - and in exchange we'll give you some of our delicious 'Random Apple' juice, bottled and ready to drink (fresh, or pasteurised). The remaining juice blend from all the fruit that comes through the door is available to buy seasonally in The Applery (see 'Events & Contact Us' page) and all year round in our favourite local shops and eateries - that way everyone can enjoy locally grown fruit, hand pressed in a traditional way!

The 2014 season was our first year and we were thrilled that so many people got involved. The feedback we've been getting has been fantastic too and the  volunteers who turned up to give  us a hand really enjoyed themselves - coming back for more every apple harvest! 

Pressing apples is great fun and we've designed our 'Applery' so that kids can  come along with their homegrown apples and get involved . . . now all we need to do is wait for this year's harvest. Fingers crossed it's a good 'un!!

What is The Applery?

The Applery at Shrigley Fold, Swanscoe, Macclesfield, SK10 5SZ (07742 678873)

It's what we call the old stable that we've converted into a juicing room.  It's all decked out with  apple green workbenches,  a mill, a press, pasteurisers and more. It's where we wash and sort the apples,   before pulping them and pressing them to make our juices. We add a dash of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to help keep its natural colour and then it's pumped up into our containers,  bottled and pasteurised.

Want to get involved?

Then keep reading!

Our open days are listed on the 'Events & Contact Us' page and follow us on

Facebook, Twitter (@randomjuices) and Instagram (@therandomapplecompany

and @applefarmer_rob) for up-to-the-minute information about what we're up to!

What we can do with YOUR apples this season . . .

Before you pick . . . check they're ripe!

The majority of apples in Macclesfield and the surrounding area will (depending on the variety) ripen from early September all the way through until the end of November. Check your apples by cutting one in half . . . Pips still white? Your apples aren't ready so leave them on the tree so they have a chance to grow bigger . . . and get sweeter! Pips dark brown? Get them all picked (carefully!) and bring them to The Random Apple Company!

If you're unsure if your apples are suitable just give us a call, drop us a message or pop one to us on our 10am-12 Sunday openings to check - we hate to turn away crates and crates of apples when they're unsuitable!

Please also get in touch if you plan on bringing more than 400kg (just to warn us!)

Firstly we have to give your apples a good sort - so if you can separate them out before you come into

'good-to-go' and 'not sure' that'd be very helpful! To produce unspoilt juice all apples used have to be free

from any nasties like bruises, rot or bugs. Click on the document link for more help ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Unusable apples will be removed, then your fruit-to-juice swap quantity calculated . . . if you can fill one of

our grey crates (approx. 30kg depending on apple variety) you get 4x1L bottles in exchange - free of

charge. (Not quite a full crate?! We can still work out the swap!)

Before you leave  you will receive your juice to take home - blended to perfection, bottled in 1L glass bottles,

and pasteurised to last for a year+ (but we don't think you'll be wanting to wait that long to drink it!).


If you want juice back fresh and unpasteurised, that's fine. That way you can either drink it within a couple of days knowing it is as good for you as can be, or it may be that you secretly want to try making your own cider?! If you've got this in mind please contact us prior to bringing your apples!

If you would prefer to get juice back from your very own apples rather than a mixed blend, we can do that too! As  they need to go through the press and bottled separately we do need you to bring a large quantity - a minimum of 100kg (approx 8 full standard garden trugs).   We also charge a standard £30 to put your juice through separately - irrespective of whether you bring 100kg or 400kg! Just let us know when you drop off your apples if you'd like us to do this.

The Applery is in a converted stable so please come suitably dressed  - it can get chilly so bring a coat! Wellies (clean please!) or trainers are also recommended as it can get a bit messy with all the sweet and sticky apple juice flowing.

Private Pressing Sessions

We're huge advocates of the importance of outdoor learning and providing children with a broad and varied understanding of the world around them - and through our pressing days we’ve recognised what a fun, educational and hands-on experience we can offer with our sustainable ‘branch-to-bottle’ approach to seasonal locally grown fruit - check out the vimeo video link below!

Every apple harvest season (September to November) we have a limited number of private pressing sessions available for groups of 10-30 people. It's a totally unique experience for any age group so get in touch if you'd would like to find out more!

Local pruning service and apple tree planting advice

If your fruit tree is looking a little worse for wear or needs an annual tidy-up we can help! We've been trained by Westcountryman (aka apple aficionado Les Davies) to be able to help with formative pruning, maintenance and even restoration of old and poor producing trees.

And if you want to plant an apple tree or two, but don't know how (or which one!), we've learnt a lot planting up our own orchards of over 200 trees . . . and want to share our knowledge! Just get in touch.

If you want to stock our delicious juices in your farmshop, cafe, deli or restaurant then please get in touch.

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