The Kitchen

The Kitchen, Swanscoe

Our jams, jellies, cordials, sauces and more

We know exactly what's gone into our food as we spend an entire year looking after our fruit as it grows ... then we take time to gather it in by hand - and only when it's in season. Once that's done it's straight to cooking in traditional small batches ('just like Nana used to make'!) - so we can end up working some really long days!

There are some amazing flavours to be discovered in the wild too - and ones  that you just won't find on the supermarket shelves. We love foraging and exploring the countryside  around us for new and exciting finds - and we tend to not be disappointed!   

We LOVE jam! But proper jam … a fruity explosion that has a higher fruit quantity than sugar. And we like to keep it traditional - every one of our jam jars is finished with a pretty vintage fabric topper and a bow so it looks as good as it tastes. Quintessentially English damson jam is my absolute favourite - made from squishy, juicy damsons straight from our orchard. What's your favourite?!

Our jellies are not just good on toast! 

They are the  perfect accompaniment to meat dishes - try them alongside a roast or as an ideal addition to wild game.

Fruit cheeses are a popular side to any cheeseboard, ours are so packed full of fruit that they can be sliced - just like cheese, and they can also be enjoyed sliced in a sandwich, with a ploughman's or with a pie.

Chutneys - or 'glut-neys' as we like to call them - made from whatever we have a glut of during the season ... so if we've got plenty of our scrumptious Fruity Plum Chutney, you know it's been a rather good year for the Victoria plum trees!

This year EVERYTHING seems to be doing well, so keep an eye out for Tangy Gooseberry Chutney, Spiced Rhubarb Chutney and a few others to add to your store cupboard collection - sitting there ready to add a bit of ooomph to a lunch time cheese on toast.

Lip-smacking perfection.

Our glazes are our own unique creation and seem to be a bit of a hit (Sarah has been known to sell out of Wild Garlic Glaze within 5 minutes of arriving at the local Christmas market). Born out of necessity by self-proclaimed 'gravy-lazy' chef (aka Sarah!) it simplifies a roast - tip half a jar over the top of any roast to baste it 10 minutes before it finishes cooking and it combines with the juices to create ... well .... a rather delicious 'jus'. No work. Perfect!

Or mix a few spoonfuls with peas, boiled new potatoes, steamed carrots ... for fancy veg with minimum fuss.

And last, but not least ... our now famous Toffee Apple Syrup has developed somewhat of a cult status amongst those with a sweet tooth. This is one of our most popular products and its uses are as great as your imagination. With a flavour that conjures up memories of bonfire nights past, this mouth-wateringly tempting molten syrup can be drizzled on everything... we love it on ice cream, but it quite often used on everything from gammon roast to their breakfast porridge too!