Swanscoe is . . .


Swanscoe is our home, our work and our lives and we're always busy, busy, busy working/playing in our 12 acres and the beautiful surrounding countryside:


Our Orchards - The story of how we went from planting our first tree in 2013 to having over 150 . . . and still planning/planting!


The Kitchen, Swanscoe - Our creative hub where our homegrown and foraged fruit is turned into great tasting jellies, sauces, jams, drinks and much much more. We also make wedding cakes and other fantastic celebration cakes, biscuits and bespoke Christmas hampers - so just get in touch!


The Random Apple Company - Well, that's another story! So make sure you read all about it as you may just want to get involved!



We believe . . .

We believe that food should be a real experience - look fantastic to tempt your eyes - and taste scrumptious to truly tickle your taste buds! To make something to be savoured and enjoyed takes time and the best possible ingredients, which is why in our cakes and biscuits we use the freshest eggs we can get our hands on – courtesy of our own happy hens. All our fruit produce is made the traditional way, fresh with what’s in season, when it’s in season. We know exactly what’s gone into our recipes because it’s been grown free from chemicals, whether in our own orchards, kitchen garden or locally foraged, and all picked by hand.


Because no unnecessary ingredients are added the end result is an unrivalled flavour – harking back to an era where raspberries really taste of raspberries, apples taste of, well, apples, and snozberries . . .


You’ll just have to try our creations for yourself!


Find us at all the best cafes, delis, restaurants and farmshops around the local area. And if you want to pop up and see what we do and treat yourself to some of our homegrown produce our 2017 seasonal 'pop-up farm stand' will be open every Sunday 11am-4pm from 24 September to 17 December The Applery at Shrigley Fold, Swanscoe, Macclesfield, SK10 5SZ (07742 678873).







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